13th November 2018

An insider’s view of Creode

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My background & why I chose Creode

Previously I’ve worked for 3 companies in the digital marketplace and I’ve spent the last 2 years of that time working remotely from a home office.

Creode’s client base interested me as I was keen to work with blue chip clients on a variety of projects.


Creode has a lot of talent in a variety of skill sets and I’ve been able to see genuine value in what each and every person here can do.

One of the disadvantages of being around talented people is that you realise just how many mistakes you’ve made!

Creode has been a very humbling experience for me, especially from a development perspective. I’m genuinely proud to be a member of this group and I’ve relished the opportunity to work amongst and learn from all of the devs in house!

The future for me & Creode

I genuinely believe you make your own luck. I’m excited to be a part of the current movement at Creode involving new and exciting challenges.

I feel we’ve got everything we need to be serious players in the digital marketplace.

Just wanted to say…

Thanks to the team- you’ve genuinely added strings to my bow as a developer, taken the time to improve my knowledge and skills and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you all.

Alex, Multi-platform developer (6 months at Creode)