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Our People

We specialise in digital but at the heart of it we're really about people

We are a great mix of minds and skills across the digital space of strategists, UX, designers, developers, marketing and project management.

The team are proud to work hard at being the best they can be. Their experience, dedication and enthusiasm genuinely gives us a superstar in every role.

Creode's wealth of digital experts based over our Leeds & London offices, have years of experience delivering expert work for global clients.


Our values guide how we operate as a business and how we run projects, sitting at the core of what Creode offer.


We are all personally accountable for our own work, the work of our teams and the overall company output.


We are honest to ourselves about the status and quality of our work. We are honest about the work that’s involved in every job we do and we are honest about the challenges we face.

Customer Focussed

Our customers, and their interests, are at the heart of everything we do. Our decisions are based on what is right for our customer, because ultimately that is what’s right for us.

Confident to Challenge

We’re confident to challenge our customers to help them get to a better result. We’re confident to challenge each other if the solutions that are presented could be improved.

Solutions Oriented

We work to solve our client’s problems and we own those solutions. We are enthusiastic about exploring a variety of solutions and selecting the one that meets our customer’s requirements best.

Enthusiastic & Curious

Enthusiasm fuels experience; it’s about getting stuck in, it’s about doing, solving, learning, and experiencing. Without enthusiasm, experience would be limited.

I would recommend Creode for any design work. Their development work is second to none.

The design, vision and build has put My 1st Years at the forefront of the baby industry.

Daniel Price, Founder (My 1st Years)